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  • April 03, 2023 3 min read

    All photos used are our own. All plants were sprouted from seed!
    Growtronics is a leading provider of high-tech indoor gardening solutions, including grow lights and seed starting kits. If you're new to indoor gardening or looking to improve your seed starting skills, here are some tips and tricks for success with Growtronics products:


    Choose the Right Seeds

    Not all seeds are equal when it comes to indoor gardening. Some plants, such as lettuce and herbs, thrive in indoor environments, while others, like tomatoes and peppers, may require more space and lighting than most indoor setups can provide. Choose seeds that are well-suited for your indoor gardening space, and consider factors such as light requirements and growth habit when selecting your seeds. It’s also important to pick the right plants for your expertise level.


    Use High-Quality Soil

    The soil you use to start your seeds is important. Look for a high-quality seed-starting mix that is light and fluffy, with good drainage and aeration properties. Avoid using heavy soils or garden soil, which can become waterlogged and prevent seedlings from developing properly. Adding perlite to your soil mix can help improve drainage and aeration. Here in Canada, it’s best to use a heat mat under your seeds. With heat, they’ll germinate faster, end up stronger, and healthier.


    Provide Adequate Water and Humidity

    Seeds need a consistent supply of water to germinate and develop into healthy seedlings. Make sure you water your seeds regularly, but avoid over-watering, as this can lead to fungal growth and other problems. Humidity is also important for successful seed starting. Consider using a humidity dome or covering your seed trays with plastic wrap to help maintain a consistent level of moisture.


    Invest in Grow Lights

    Grow lights are essential for successful seed starting in indoor environments. “But I have a south-facing window!” And that’s great! Your windows might have likely been treated to filter out a bunch of different types of light your plants need. Seedlings also tend to stretch trying to reach for your window’s light, which makes them warped and leggy.

    Growtronics offers a range of options, including LED grow lights that are energy-efficient and customizable to meet the specific needs of your plants. With more light, a plant generates more nutrients and grows taller with more leafy vegetation. Choosing lights with some red (that isn’t purple!) is the most effective. The T5 6400K Enhanced 6400K+R is the Growtronics enhanced white spectrum, which is best for microgreens, seedlings, succulents, house plants and early vegetative growth. It has stronger lighting for optimal plant development!



    Monitor and Adjust for Growth

    As your seeds start to grow and develop, it's important to monitor their growth and adjust your environment as needed. This may include adjusting the height of your grow lights with pulleys to maintain the optimal distance from your seedlings or increasing or decreasing the humidity levels to prevent mold or drying out. With the Growtronics thermometers and hygrometers, you can easily track and adjust your indoor growing environment to help ensure the success of your seedlings.


    The Magic Formula

    For sprouting seedlings, the basic formula you'd want to have is this: a heat mat, for warmth. A humidity dome or cover to increase humidity and improve germination. If you wanted to monitor the humidity inside your dome, you can use a wireless hygrometer to do so. After they've sprouted, you're going to want to use grow lights for 24 hours until they get enough height. Once you're at that stage, putting your lights on a timer to automate the on-off cycle would be best.



    Sprouting seeds isn’t rocket science. With the right seeds, soil, lighting, and environment, starting seeds indoors with Growtronics products can be highly rewarding and successful. By following these tips and tricks, you can help ensure healthy and robust seedlings that will thrive in your indoor garden. Happy gardening!