Indoor horticulture is complicated. We can help!

Indoor growing requires special care, as with no natural light source the plants are solely relying on the lighting you provide.  As experts in our field we want to support you as an expert in yours, with proper lighting that is designed for your crops. GrowTronics can help you produce more and larger yields, as well as prevent common problems such as stretching, stunting and dead light areas.  

We work with you to find out your specific needs, trouble areas, and work together to help find the best solution for your facility.  Growing is your business, let us help it flourish.

Sylviana Performance Class

A high power LED designed for indoor commercial growing and crop production.

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A high power LED enhanced for the demands of large scale growing.  With various spectrums and adaptations these lights offer more grow power with the same footprint.

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SunKing High Power LED

The GrowTronicsTM SunKing is designed for the professional grower who wants to grow high quality plants like tomatoes, cucumbers or cannabis.  With a single well balanced spectrum there is no need for another light.

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